+ Do you have minimum volumes?
We are not a short-run supplier, a majority of our business is for repeating orders. Standard run quantities or volumes are dependent on multiple inputs such as minimum material purchases.
+ What is the average batch size/standard run quantity?
Generally 2--20 Tons. For assemblies and packaged product our run or batch quantity is determined by our customers requirements.
+ Do you have in-house tool maintenance capability?
Yes, all tooling used within our manufacturing processes are maintained here in our tool room by tool and die makers.
+ Are Project Managers assigned to new programs?
Yes, typically the individual that quotes your project will become the project leader if we are awarded the business.
+ Can you build your own tooling?
Yes, 95% of our tooling is designed and built in-house.
+ Can you provide prototypes?
Yes, prototypes are often provided during the early stages of product development.
+ Do you provide product development support?
Absolutely, we can work with your CAD models or drawings and provide valuable in-put ensuring that product we supply is of the best quality and uses the most cost effective processes available.
+ Are you compliant with the Conflict Minerals Trade Act?
Both we and our supply base are compliant.
+ Are you a public or private business?
We are a privately held business.
+ Are you Union or Non-Union?
We are a non-union shop.
+ Do you practice waste reduction (Sustainability)?
We do, we have made several facility improvements that reduced energy consumption and reduced disposable waste as well.
+ How many production shifts do you have?
We have 3 production shifts
+ Is someone available 24 hours/7 days a week?
Yes, we have several emergency contacts that can be reached 24/7.
+ How long have you been in business?
We have been in business since 1992.
+ Does your company ship by common carrier?
Yes, we have several preferred carries but will ship using a customer specified service.
+ Do you use Electronic Data Interchange?
We receive orders and provide advanced shipping notices electronically.
+ Do you have a consignment program with your customers?
Yes, we have consignment programs and provide supplier managed inventory services.
+ Are your quality systems certified?
Yes, our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001 & TS 16949.
+ What information do you need to quote my part?
  • A fully dimensioned print, drawing, sketch in either PDF or CAD format or Samples if drawings not possible.
  • Any applicable customer specifications, such as PPAP requirements, and required outside process certificates.
  • Expected quantity or quantities
+ Can I get a tour of your operations?
Absolutely! We love hosting customers wanting to meet our team and see our capabilities first- hand. To schedule, please email info@kinggroup.in.